Sunday, July 9, 2017

16. backstory: youngji, the littlest ahgase

One of my favorite characterization elements to play with when it comes to my #4, Youngji Park, is the fact that she is a huge fangirl of K-pop boy group GOT7. I figured it's past time to document how that all came about and ways I've worked it into her story over the last year.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

15. display: youngji's bedroom

Winifred's bedroom is my favorite display that I have designed so far, but it couldn't stay intact forever: Youngji needed a turn!

Poor Youngji isn't going to get a birthday celebration this year, but I wanted to set up her room, since I had a lot of plans for it and was really excited about it. Unfortunately work and life got hectic, so I ended up switching the rooms over much later than I would have liked (thus, no birthday pictures). 

As you can see, her aesthetic is a little bit different from Winifred's tranquil purple world...

Saturday, June 17, 2017

14. display: winifred's bedroom, part 2

No, the blog isn't dead! I had a lot (a lot) of issues with the Blogger app, and then no time to update once I finally got that sorted out, but now I have several entries ready to go! 

As you may recall, my last update was about Winifred's bedroom. Once I set it up, I ended up making several more changes, so I wanted to do a post about them!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

13. display and photo story: winifred's bedroom, march 2017 | winifred's birthday, 2017

(The PJs Bree is wearing are available from HilltopRoseCC!)

Last autumn my roommate and I split the cost of a PAX wardrobe from IKEA to use as a dollhouse! We split it into three rooms: each of us use one as a bedroom, switching out whose room it is every month, and the third serves as a common room. 

Neither of us have done too much with it most of the time, since we've both been really busy. But Winifred's birthday was on March 4, and I wanted to do a little photos series on Instagram, so I decided I needed to set up her room reasonably well...

(Bedroom tour + birthday pictures under the cut!)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

12. outfit review: plaid to be here by our generation

I didn't spend much of my birthday money on doll things this year, but I did buy one thing with it: Our Generation's Plaid to be Here outfit!

I've wanted this for several months now, since I saw a few people buy it for their Melody dolls. Every Melody I've seen wearing it looked absolutely adorable, so I was sure mine would, too.

I had to order it online, since it's never been in stock at our local Target, and it was delivered to the store in less than a week. This was the first Our Generation outfit I had ever purchased, so I was very curious as to what I would think of it when it arrived...

Saturday, February 25, 2017

11. store visit and a new addition: february 18, 2017

Last Thursday my roommate went to the Seattle store to see the new release items, and was so angry upon discovering that Tenney and Logan had taken over half of Gabriela's display that she bought not only a Gabriela of her own, but also a #58.

As you may recall, I had been planning to buy Gabriela. However, now that my roommate has one it felt like having two in the house would be too many (especially since we've begun more or less seeing our collections as one giant overlapping collection) and I was able to compare her more extensively to Melody and realized that having two dolls who so closely resembled each other would be less fun for me than the chance to add a more unique doll to my collection.

It sent me back to the drawing board: I had more tax refund money than anticipated, so I could afford another doll, and while I'm very upset about the fallout from the revelations about American Girl's upcoming permapanties bodies I'm also very upset about this Tenney and Logan nonsense. I'm a believer in voting with my dollars, so if Tenney and Logan dolls are going to be flying off the shelves then by goodness I wanted to be responsible for at least one doll of color finding a home at the same time. But which one?

I've always been incredibly drawn to #62, but that would make a third Sonali mold in my collection and I didn't want to have another modern who seemed too old to fit in with my much-beloved Youngji and Winifred. I've also liked #53 for a long time, but so does my roommate's three-year-old daughter, so we already have plans to get her one a few years down the road, when she is ready to own and take care of a full-sized AG doll. (She's really good when it comes to leaving our dolls alone when she's not supervised, and playing gently with them when she is, but we don't want to have a doll that we know she really, really wants around to tempt her when she isn't ready to have it herself yet. It seems unfair.) 

My third option was #31, who I've always thought was cute in store displays but only recently began to seriously consider buying. Other points in her favor were that she's an Addy mold doll, and I love the Addy mold, and she looked like she would fit in well with Winifred and Youngji. 

So I went to the store last Saturday and considered my options...

Saturday, February 18, 2017

10. barbie fashionista review: leather and ruffles

Quick post for this weekend: a review on one of my Christmas doll gifts, 2016 Barbie Fashionista Leather & Ruffles!